The Way of The World

What Hath God Wrought x 5

What Hath Man Wrought?

I never saw dirt that I’d die for
or knew of a man that I’d lie for
but if there was a thing I would try for……

Men killing for hills at first light
Firing their cannons at night
Murder is “justified” if you fight
and if what you believe in is “right”

I pick up the paper, what do I see?
Disease, war, hunger, and misery
“Ethinc cleansing,” just who is cleansed?
Racism and hate should be the capital sin

Why not stop the fighting
and put an end to all the pain?
Why not help the homeless
and be nice to our brothers again?
Some people are straight up mean.

People don’t want to work together
and so we’re all fucked
It shouldn’t be like this forever
cause if it is we’re all fucked

I am willing to take a stand
to put an end to all the hate
Anti Racist Action
Won’t you join me in the fight?

The world is only wonderful if you see it through rose colored eyes
It doesn’t have to be that way
But if no one ever tries it will certainly stay that way

Power is nothing without control


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