Collective Libertarianism

I am an individual
I am alive
I am a life worshiper
There is nothing in this world higher or greater
than me.
Yet I am also a member of a collective.
That which is good for the individual makes
The collective stronger.
That which makes the collective stronger
benefits the individual.
One is what one is.
This is a global world, but we are parts making it up.
I am me.
You are you.
He is he.
She is she.
We are we.
We are all high- the individual and the group, for more than one individual makes a group, yet a group is made up of individuals.
I can never believe that you are stronger than me.
We were born equals, but we do not die equals.
We must celebrate ourselves, as individuals.
We must also celebrate the whole.
I can never believe that that which says I am small is too be trusted. It is the words of a shepard who intends to exploit his flock.
“God” can still exist, but he needs to realize that without us, there’d be no body to feed his ego.
I cannot love her who is not her own person first.
I cannot respect he who does not respect himself.
I can “love with a love that is more than love,” in that it is intellectual and artistic as well as passionate.
I cannot hate that which does not give me a reason to hate it. And the reasons have to be good; my hate, like my love, is selective.
I believe that you must indeed have dark to appreciate light.
But without light, there is no point to the dark except further suffering.
I believe in myself.
I believe in other people.
I believe in good and bad.
I believe in the individual.
I believe in the collective.
I believe that there is still a lot
which I don’t yet believe
that I believe.


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