Nadine (Rewrite necessary!!)

I met her in the park one day
We sat and talked everything was ok
As we walked we fell in love
And gazed up at the stars above
I realized then she was the one for me

You’re the loveliest person I’ve ever seen
I’ll never leave you if you never leave me
just spending time with you means the world to me
I’ll be your king if you’ll be my queen

How we loved the fact that we loved each other
Perfection exists, for one another

She said she’d always love me
always forever be there
We’d kiss
those luscious lips
And I’d run my fingers through her hair
I was the happiest guy on earth
through all those years that I had her by ,my side
Till it all just fuckin’ died.

You’re the friendliest person I’ve ever known
I want to settle down with you and make a home
I love you more than life itself
If you ever leave me I’d kill myself
You’fe the one for me

How I loved her so. Couldn’t stop thinking of her

It was at least year four
or maybe more
When I decided that the time was right
and we got engaged one night
The wedding was wonderful just as we’d planned
and Nadine was the most gorgeous bride in the land
We took each other hand and hand and became husband and wife
and at that moment is exactly when
She decided to take my life
Cause just when you think you know someone
There’s something you don’t always see

How she loved the fact that she hated me!!!!!


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