Christian, Muslim, Jew

Look at what my children did
All in my holy name
From starting wars to hurting kids
And I shoulder the blame

I tried to save them, tried to change them
This selfish, vile, pathetic race
I sent my only son to die
To show them all my grace

And still they twist my words
Manipulate, claim it’s all my will
What part did they not understand
“Thou shalt” or “Not kill”?

The chosen ones, my only son
Was finally sent to teach
Hypocrites, every one
They don’t practice what they preach

Terrorists, on every side
Their actions aren’t my will!
Selfish fool, how many died?
I said bear good, not ill!

And now I must punish them all
For the actions of a few
Selfish perversions, big and small
Christian, Muslim, Jew


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