Tears Of Death And Joy

She lost it all that day
Her soul turned black as night
The day her husband went away
And perished in the fight
She now expects a little one
She’d just received the news
Life for life and love for love
She cries upon the pews

She’s crying tears of death and joy
Her world’s turned upside down
Her soldier boy will soon come home
To be put into the ground
She knows that she’ll now be alone
Through the heartaches and the pain
It’s not enough, the little one
Can’t bring him back again

The mourning wife must soldier on
Though all seems black and dead
An empty shell, happiness gone
A void inside her head
She’s determined not to cling to hope
She knows there isn’t much
Her ears long to hear his voice
Her skin to feel his touch

Inside of her, a new life springs
A newborn baby boy
She finds the light in little things
Tears of death and joy
She’s sworn to love and guide him
As her soldier would have done
An uphill battle lies ahead
But one that will be won

She finds that it’s her goal in life
To teach about her man
Once again she’ll be a wife
It’s in her creator’s plan
She knows that she won’t be alone
Through the suffering and pain
It’s not much but the little one
Will bring her back again.


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