Zombies Call

Ronnie Dio came to me last night
With Randy Rhoads in tow
And said “We’ll tell ya what ya need to hear
If ya wanna book some shows
Just take your old Les Paul guitar
And trade it for an ESP
And don’t use a standard tuning
Tune that six string to drop B
Get a vocalist that growls and screams
And can’t be understood
And soon some folks’ll start to think
Your random noise is good.”

It doesn’t matter what you write about
If anything at all
I think monsters are in vogue now
So “hear the zombies’ call”

Don’t worry about form or structure
Who needs ’em anyway?
Sing depressing songs of death and pain
They’ll buy mental decay
Back in our day metal was power
Now it’s commercial bang for buck
If you don’t sound like Every Time I Die
Then son you’re out of luck

Just when I think it couldn’t get much worse
Or that I’ve seen it all
I walk by a Hot Topic
And I hear the Zombies call

Oh Peter Steele and John Lennon
We need you oh so much
What heavy music longs for now
Is Dimebag Darrell’s touch
Where is Freddie Mercury
And Jimi Hendrix too
Bon Scott Cliff Burton
And Bonzo or Keith Moon

They’re all rockin’ in hell now
It must be quite a ball
We should summon them to earth
For a Metal Zombie’s Call


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