Generation Killed

Mandatory Sterile
A real dystopia
Robbed of all one’s dignity
This forcible utopia
Create a race of supermen
To rule upon the earth
Weak ones die and strong ones face
Mandatory birth
Eugenics in America
Land of the Free
Nazi ideas robbing them
Of what it is to be

Idiots and criminals
Mentally impaired and ill
No dumbing of America
A Generation Killed

An unreachable reality
Nothing can be pure
Legislate morality
Find a legal cure
Killing future leaders
But criminals as well
Laws upon our bodies
Protecting man from hell

Mutations and disabled
Thalidomide blood is spilled
Legal violence in America
A Generation Killed

A parent irresponsible
Who’d rather drink than guide
Our run away and not face up
To what they have inside
Kills just like a pistol
Neglect replacing steel
Pulling unseen triggers
With hearts too hard to feel

Kids raised by television
A violent land is tilled
Turn to drugs and destruction
A Generation Killed


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