Feb. 14 many years ago
I met the sweetest girl you ever did know
I was just a boy of 10 and she a girl of 9
from then on everything was fine.
I was new to the neighborhood; she showed me around, feelings I never had were suddenly found.

We shared our first kiss, at such a young age
A moment I’ve never forgotten, in spite of my age.
We always knew the other would always be there
Our innermost thoughts and feelings we shared.
During our school years and forevermore
I always love my sweet Lenore

The years went by as time does fly
Each 2/14 we wer valentines
One year I asked “Will you love me
for evermore? Will you give me your hand
and heart, my sweet Lenore?” I knew
the answer; she needn’t reply.

When I lifted that bridal vel, the only thing I did see
was her face smiling
back at me.
Once more, Lenore, forever more.
On 2/14, our anniversary.

We climbed into the limo, goodbye to friends and family;
Then we just held each other, happily in love as could be.
Then out of knowhere, we didn’t see,
A drunken driver, running free
The car smacked our limo’s door
And that is when my sweet Lenore
Ceased to be; forevermore.

Oh Lenore! I long for you, forevermore.
Who would think it could end that way
A nightmarish end to our perfect day.
Oh Lenore! Me in ICU, you in the
Morgue, then the ground.
But in my sea of sadness, this enternal
Hell and madness, my love will never drown.

Evermore, my valentine, for even in death
You’ll always be mine
My Love’s still unbreakable
My feelings unmistakable
I’ll never love another the way I loved Lenore
Even though she exists (to quote Poe)



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