I’ve seen the future
I can predict
But even I cannot
undue what you inflict

My name is Nostradame
and I’m a human god
The things I see all come to be
Strike of lightning hits the rod

In my secret chamber
strange things are revealed to me
I cannot be quite sure of what it is I see
Interpretations, the best I can
Revealing all the future history of Man

I see famine, I see pestilence,
I see death and war
The Four Horsemen approach
from every foreign shore

You say I’m a black magician
and maybe it is true
But you can never know the truth
of what it is I do

I’m called a prophet
I’m called a seer
The words I write are warnings
meant for you to hear

Visions now unfolding
Prophecies foreboding

From one called Hister
and one Pau, Nay Loren
will come great scourges
to the detriment of man

Revolutions, times of turmoil
The world is always changing

A field of single combat
his eyes will be put out
And of my writing
will slowly kill the doubt

Sky burning, 45 degrees
Fire approaches the New Cities
From Persia there will come a man
who manipulates to fit his plan

Assassinations I can see
Named Lincoln and Kennedy
Places yet unknown to me
laid in plain sight, revealed will be

By my bed, standing dead
you’ll find me in the morn
Centuries, yet to be
will worship me, ere I was born.


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