New Toys And An Update

So sorry for the long delay my dear readers. I promised you when I started doing this that I would post often and it has been 2 months since my last post. I know you all have been waiting with bated breath for further inane-ery to spew forth from my keyboard; 30 lashes to me for keeping you all waiting! But I digress.

The reasons for the delay are twofold- one, I’ve had to buy a new computer, and two- I haven’t been able to attend any shows since Side Show last December. Although I previously said that this blog would focus on the Roanoke music scene, its original purpose was to keep the world informed of the goings-on of my brain (I will return to the music soon, I promise). Much has happened in the last two months, therefore; I will attempt to enlighten you.

From a professional standpoint, I have decided to hire a publicist to help spread the word about my guitar teaching “enterprise,” String Theory, Inc. We will launch a publicity campaign this spring, which will hopefully result in a few new students.

On another note, the purchase of my new computer requires me to download a new copy of Cakewalk Music Creator 6, a digital audio workstation which I had on my old laptop. Cakewalk is user friendly and can do virtually anything you can get from a recording studio. I fully intend to have some audio files on here in the next few weeks so keep checking in!

Personally, a lot of things are going on. I’ve noticed, over the last few years, that the way I ring in each new year has been a pretty good indication of how the year itself was going to go. As an example, I welcomed 2012 with the confidence that it was going to be an awesome year, that I was going to spend it with both friends new and old and “gain a lot of ground” and generally have a good time. As it turned out, I was right. I completed several goals last year, and continued the gains made in late ’11.

This year, however, was different. Despite spending New Year’s Eve with a great group of friends and having a good time, I went into 2013 apprehensively, laden with the belief that the following 12 months were going to test me in ways I had not been tested since mid 20s. Although it is only mid-February, I have so far been right.

I’ve come to believe that there is more to this life than meets the eye. The existence of my more spiritual side may come as a shock to some, given how long I’ve lived as a non-believer. I’m not a believer now, at least not in the traditional religious sense, but things have been happening so coincidentally now that it makes you wonder if in fact there is some grand design, or a force beyond human comprehension that is trying to influence our world. Little things, people coming and going, and other events both minor and major have been happening exactly when they need to. Elaboration to follow.

I’ve started praying. Not to a particular god or deity, but to whatever force it is that is acting in the world, be it the Judeo-Christian god, Allah, Krishna, Zeus, or coincidence. I believe we all have a little piece of it within us, and it is up to us as individuals to discover that piece and act upon it in our own way. Mostly I just thank god/allah/whatever-the-hell for everything and everyone in my life, as well as beseeching him/her/it for guidance as to what to do with myself. Answers have a way of making themselves known, sometimes without us realizing it.


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