The political “system”

What were you doing this time four years ago?
As for myself, I was a hardcore Obama supporter the first time around. I did some canvassing and data entry for a leftist PAC that didn’t stick around town after the fact. I pretty much decided to support Obama the minute I first saw one of his ads. I supported him all through the campaign against Hillary and then McCain/Palin.

This year though, I am completely over the whole “hope/change” thing. It didn’t happen. Four years later we are still in a recession. I’ve come to realize that “hope”, “change”, etc are just campaign slogans and that any politician who says them is not to be trusted. Therefore, though he ain’t perfect, I am STILL an Obama supporter.

Ironically, 2008’s candidate of “hope/change” is in 2012 the candidate of the status quo. The economy is on the road to recovery. Iraq is a thing of the past. Bin Laden is dead. Sometimes the best thing to do is just to stick with what you know.

As for the GOP ticket, Romney acts like a spoiled little rich boy and Paul Ryan is a smug brat. And the Tea Party? It would (will?) be interesting to see if they force the incoming administration to stick to their no tax pledge. Somehow I think they don’t understand that tax increases are inevitable.

If any candidate or future candidate out there is actually reading this, here’s a thought: if you want a sure fire way to get votes and bipartisan support, try looking at your opponent’s GOOD qualities and a little more understanding.


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