So I’ve joined the 21st Century

Blogging. For many years, being the shy, reserved person that I normally am, I’ve resisted it like the plague. But, in my endless quest for self-betterment, change, and greater interaction with my friends, family, and potential fans, I’ve come to realize that it might be time to start. I haven’t read TOO many blogs, but I’ve noticed that a lot of them out there just say the same sort of mundane things about daily life. To me, that’s about as interesting as mud, and is part of the reason why I don’t generally read them.

This one will be different. Instead of spitting out every little thing I do or think about facebook, the newest coca-cola flavor, celebrities/entertainment, or the latest office gossip, I resolve to make this blog about the various randomness that enters the jelly called my brain on a daily basis. This will be the THE place to find out about my musical endeavors, my poetry, my writing, performing and research schedules, and whatever else may spew forth from the keyboard.

I promise not to make it boring. I promise to update it often, and learn, grow and break down barriers as I go. I promise to “follow” other blogs, mostly those written by friends and such but perhaps others as well. I promise I won’t spam. I promise my posts will be insightful, at least by my estimation. I promise to keep the world up to date. I promise to stay up to date with the world. And I promise, FINALLY, to let the world see into the intricasies of the dark recesses of my brain, to the extent that I am able (because I often don’t understand, myself).

Hang on, folks. This should be interesting.

But I’m still not getting a Twitter.




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